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We will create your Free Website page based on the below design - no setup or design cost - it's free

All you pay is the 29.99 per year for the personal hosting or 64.99 per year for business hosting

No catches - that's it, you provide the logo, website name and text - we get it online

"1 new client every hour - this is ideal to get you started"


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Basic Page Website Service - what's included

  • You can have any  text, colour and image you like
  • All the work is done for you to get the website ready and online
  • All your own text, logo and or image can be added - by us - at no cost
  • No maintenance or design or setup fees - you only pay the standard hosting
  • Free help and support - we make sure you can use your Website
  • 1 years full hosting services on world class servers
  • 1 - 99 Email addresses @ your website name (pop, smtp & webmail)
  • Search Engine ready
  • META optimisation - this is how the searchers find you
  • User control panel with full visitor stats to the hour
  • Additional pages can be added at any time
  • Changes can be made at any time
  • you tell us the website name you have - we do the rest !
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