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Full Website Page Design Service - you get, what you need

  • All you need service - we supply all the parts you need to get your Website Design online
  • Free help and support - we make sure you can use your Website
  • Build a web site in just a few hours - your Website could be online today
  • For business or personal use - Websites that work for you
  • Use the Websites as many times as you want - no additional cost
  • No knowledge of programming or technical design needed - simple to use
  • Search Engine submissions - get your Website seen quicker 
  • Have as many Website pages as you need - from 1 to 1000
  • Less work for you - we do all the work
  • Search Engine help - give your web site Website the best start
  • Keep visitors at the site longer - our Websites are designed to keep clients online 
  • Designs can be changed in anyway you like - you own the Website you decide

What's more we are open about who we are, what we do and how you can contact us when you need to, we are a member on Nominet - the only issuing body for .uk Names, also your payments are with HSBC who's fraud rate with us is one of the lowest in the world.

FURTHER READING IF REQUIRED: (if you have any questions - please click here to email for a quick reply)

With you can start your Website in just a few minutes, without any knowledge of programming or any of that other technical information other Website companies need you to know.

We only create and sell our own Websites so we can help you at every stage.  Many other Website sites are just resellers and when you ask them for help they have no idea how as they are just sales people with no background in Web Sites or Website design. 

Web Sites FAQ: We have listed some frequently asked questions about Websites

  • What is a Website :
    A Website is a web site page or pages that you can use to provide any information on, fast and high-quality web site designs keep clients on your site longer.

  • What are the advantages of buying a Website Page Design from the Vikatec Group :
    The main advantages are cost and time: you get a high quality design for a lot less money than getting a web site designer. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks for a web site designer to have a new web site online - you can do it with us in 1 to 10 days.

  • What do I receive when I order a Website Page Design from you :
    You will receive a confirmation email with the Website name confirming your registration, then an email with the new hosting and email details to help to get you started.  Then we get from you the text, iamges and site overview so we can get started.  You will also have full access to the support site which has all the help you need.

  • Can I use the Website Page Design for any type of website :
    Yes, you can use for Business or Personal use, use it to link to carts, payment provides, other websites, any links and eBay

  • What if I need help with the Website Page Design :
    We are here to make sure your Website gets used - we want you to be online, so if you get stuck we have many ways to help you forward.  We have not had one client ever, that did not get going  

  • How hard is it - I do not know much about Website Page Design :
    All the Website packages have very easy to change text and images - you do not need any more knowledge than using a basic word programme, and for the full design we do all the work for you.  

  • Why do other Website Page Designs look very image based :
    Most resellers of Websites use visual based sites to sell them to you as they look really good - but we have found that looking good and getting traffic is very different, so we have Websites that are usable and targeted to the end user - ask yourself this "how many top companies use flashy sites ", not many as they want viewers to buy from them - they do not want this purchaser to be distracted by a flashing image etc

  • How many times can I use the Website :
    Unlike other Websites - we let you use the Website as many times as you like, no limits  

  • How often can I change the Website Page Design when it is online :
    You can change the Website as often as you like 24/7, no limits to the number of times.  You can do this yourself, or for a small fee we can make any changes for you. 

  • Can I resell the Website Page Design :
    You can resell any web pages or web sites you have from the Vikatec Group - you and your clients have to keep our link on the bottom of all pages used and sold.  But you can not sell or pass on any template.   

  • Can I make money from having the Website :
    Yes - we can help with your online advertising so your web site Website can make money for you - please see for details 

  • Can I get my Website seen by the search engines :
    Yes - all web sites that go on our servers will be picked up by the search engines, also we can help with your online traffic - please see for details 

  • What if I do not have the time to finish the Website Page Design I start :
    All the Websites can be finished by us for a set price, we can do all the work for you, all you need to do is provide the text, logo and images

  • How can I pay for the Website Page Design :
    You can pay online with credit and debit cards, with paypal, by cheque and with cash in any HSBC branch  

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